I can not believe that he went with Hendrick Racing,but with me being a #24 fan I am glad cause all the best drivers are now under one roof. Do you think the team he choosed was the right one?
    • CommentAuthorwhiskeygrl
    • said   CommentTimeJune 18th, 2007
    Heck yes!!!
    • CommentAuthorNAPAGIRL175
    • said   CommentTimeJuly 1st, 2007
    Go Gordon great season
    • CommentAuthorDonm716
    • said   CommentTimeJuly 3rd, 2007
    I don't think there's another team that can touch Hendrick. Although they do have the most talent on the team. I still think Little E has to prove to me he's as good as eveyone thinks. Oh and by the way GO JIMMIE!!!!
    By the don GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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