• CommentAuthorLiz Mann
    • said   CommentTimeJune 6th, 2007
    Do any of Ya'll have younger siblings that you tortured during your childhood?? My sister Amanda is 7 years younger than me. And although I love her dearly, she is very gullible. So of course there were things that I suggested, being the smarter older sister. I would like to hear other sibling stories, as I am sure its not just my family--or at least I hope. Ok here goes.

    My Little sister was very short for her age, and it bothered her. She wanted to be tall like all of her friends. So I came up with different things to encourage her growth.

    At the ripe age of 5-I told Amanda that plants grow really tall when u plant them in the ground and water them. She was so excited. So I dug a hole put her in it above her waist and turned the water sprinkler on. All was ok, until one of my friends called and I went off galavanting in the neighborhood and forgot about my sister. My mom started looking for her about 3 hours later because I was suppose to be watching her and she hadn't seen me in a while. Well she found Amanda buried to her waist, in direct sunlight. Needless to say, Amanda had a slight sunburn and I got the fire beat out of me. But now on holiday's we all sit around and laugh at the crazy things we did as kids.

    Anyone else have some stories!!!
    Tee Hee Hee...Liz Man...that is hysterical! OMG I think it's one of the funniest (kind-of-meanish) things I've ever heard. I totally think you should share more!
    I don't have any younger siblings but 3 older brothers that took great pride in torturing me :) So one day I was happy to get one of them back...we were fighting (I was 8, he was 16) he kept hitting me and I was getting so mad so I ran away and saw a baseball bat and picked it up and came back swinging. He was freaking out and ran down our back stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, there was a door with a glass window frame so I threw the bat down stairs, missed my brother but got the window. After it shattered in a zillion little pieces I went crying to my parents w/the biggest saddest puppy dog eyes I could fathom and said he did it. They believed me and he got a whoopin and had to pay for the window. Evil, evil, evil! LOL
    • CommentAuthorLiz Mann
    • said   CommentTimeJune 11th, 2007
    lol, Isn't it funny the stuff we did as kids. Have u ever told your parents the truth? We all get big kicks out of telling our parents stuff at family functions. But your brother deserved his punishment, even if he didn't really do it. After all how much torture can one little sister take....LOL
    • CommentAuthordeemara
    • said   CommentTimeJune 16th, 2007
    LOL These stories are great!! I have one on Modestyblaze. When we were kids she picked on me so bad. Finally I got back at her. The down falls of being the older sister means she got her boobs first. And folks, let me tell you, she was such a "Girl" back then. My brother and I would toss the football around and when Modestyblaze would come outside I would hit her in the chest with the ball. She would cry out and say "Ouch, they're sore" LMAO good times. She deserved every ball she got. I love you!!
    • CommentAuthormodestyblaze
    • said   CommentTimeJune 16th, 2007
    Has it occured to anyone that I named that ball ouch, they're sore and I only cried out because it had been a while since I last saw it? LOL... Alright, Alright, I was a sore during my developing days and I was a little mean at times. Not all the time! I did get irritated once in a while having a shadow everywhere I went, but when I discovered I had someone to blame all the noisy sounds on in the bathroom, I grew very fond of her. I love you too.
    • CommentAuthordeemara
    • said   CommentTimeJune 17th, 2007
    LMAO You suck!!!
    • said   CommentTimeJuly 9th, 2007
    Being the youngest by at least 7 years, I was the tormented. However, I got some shots in. My brother would harass me and I would just blow it off, mostly. It would eat at me and my brother knew it. Like a slow drip, drip, drip, drip, drip into a bowl that eventually spills over. I love it when he tells me about the time after he tired of some of his poking and he gave up. I actually don't even remember it, but it seems pretty vivid to him.

    Feeling kinda' complete he decided to go enjoy some TV. Just then BAM! I, a 5-6 yr old had picked up an old skool child's wooden rocking chair - he was about 12-13 and didn't use it anymore and it was still stored in our shared bedroom - and brought it >KaBlam< down on his back as he sat on the floor. He never saw it coming! Hooowwwll... Score one for little brothers everywhere! The chair actually broke and I'm HAPPYto say I didn't do any permanent harm to him. But, his picking definitely softened.

    However, there was another time I do remember. Older by about 5 years, he made me angry enough to chase after him with my favorite plastic machine gun. They don't make'm like that any more! It looked ALOT like a real vietnam era machine gun. Maybe a Stoner Mk63. It had great realistic firing sound! Man! It was cool!

    After, I broke it over his back - see the pattern? - I cried and yelled at him for making me break it! The BASTARD!

    Our relationship has been more docile since that time. We even talk sometimes. You know. Stuff like, "Hey, just calling to say Uncle --- passed away." Or, maybe once, "Bad news, Dad, passed away last night." Real cordial. You know.

    Ahhh.. the memories..
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