• CommentAuthormodestyblaze
    • said   CommentTimeMay 16th, 2007
    Who is your favorite singer? Who do you feel will win?

    I vote for Jordin and hope she will win too!!!
    • CommentAuthorDino
    • said   CommentTimeMay 16th, 2007
    Jordin is an amazing little bitch, she's going to be a star and I'll be the first one to buy her album. But my vote goes to Melinda! :)
    • CommentAuthorwhiskeygrl
    • said   CommentTimeMay 17th, 2007
    I like Jordin and Melinda. Blake is pretty good, but I'm really getting annoyed by him beat boxing in every song he does. It gets old after a while.
    I want Dolittle to win she is great. Her voice is the best.
    • CommentAuthorDonm716
    • said   CommentTimeMay 17th, 2007
    Jordin all the way baby!!!
    Melinda sucks!! LOL just kidding....not really...lol no really she's ok! But I do like Blake and I know Jordin's gonna win for sure! She's so stinkin cute! What a cool chick.
    • CommentAuthormickmel
    • said   CommentTimeJune 30th, 2007
    Good call by all of you Jordin fans. My wife picked her early on, but I didn't think she'd do it. I hope she has a wonderful future ahead of her.
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