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my dad doesnt know me at all
So the stars aligned and now I live five mins away from my Dad. No real connect [...]
I'm better off without you
This is truly just a vent. To put my story somewhere so I can come back one day, [...]
my girlfriends pregnant, but not by me..
ok so i learned today that my girlfriend who suddenly stoped talking to me or se [...]
Copy cat friend...Don't know what to do.
This vent might run a little long as I have a tendency to ramble but if I don't [...]
deleted [...]
Very Complicated...
So here's the situation. I have been with this guy for 10 years. In the beginn [...]
Good Life - Ugly Past
Alright so long story short I was in an ugly relationship last year. I was emoti [...]
How to Stop the Bullies
It used to be that bullying was something that happened in the playground. Sure, [...]
Racing Experience
If you enjoy the thunder of hooves approaching down the track and are partial to [...]
Just need someone to listen and give advice
This is going to be a long vent....sorry. I've been in a relationship for 4 y [...]
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